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Caught On Camera

In this week’s Caught On Camera we look at three cricketers who have tried their hand at TV commercials, with varying degrees of success…

KP Dazzles, With Bat And Hair

Starring in this advert for Brylcreem, KP shows of his hitting prowess in this incredible display of blindfolded batting by clearing a house before smashing a cricket ball-shaped pot of gel to smithereens and styling his hair. Smooth as you like…

Freddie’s Shop Flop

We all remember Freddie Flintoff’s ability with bat and ball in his hand but it’s highly questionable whether his ability as an allrounder stretches to his acting after his performance in this Morrisons advert. But while his acting might be cheesier than the quiche the wee nipper forgot to buy, it’s still hard not to love our Fred.

Dhoni On The Pull

MS Dhoni is no stranger to commercials, having appeared in a wide array of ads, but this cringe-worthy offering has to be the pick of the bunch as the Indian skipper attempts a ‘pull’ of the kind cricket fans aren’t so used to seeing him play.

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