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Finny’s Diary

This month, on the way home from an ODI in which he’d starred, AOC‘s boy racer gets a lesson in driving… from his dear old mum.

To read Finny’s Diary in full pick up a copy of the latest AOC, but in the meantime here’s a few choice offerings from this month’s mag.

Finny on… how to fill the time during rain delays

“After the three days of this game being washed out I can now tell you all the gossip from girly magazines, my favourite glamour models and a newfound aspiration to be Heat magazine’s torso of the week. I wonder if they can superimpose my head on someone else’s body.”

Finny on… David Saker’s golf course behaviour

“It was nice to see our Australian bowling coach’s course etiquette had improved since I last played with him in Australia. Last time I saw him on a green his putter was embedded about three inches in to it out of frustration.”

Finny on… Ian Bell’s hurty chin

“Ravi Bopara was the next man in the net and was batting on Belly’s dried blood.”

Finny on… David Nalbandian’s blood-inducing antics at Queen’s club

“I wonder if I could get away with ‘accidentally’ spearing an umpire with a stump if I don’t get an lbw decision? Hmmm.”

Finny on… having to give up a Jaguar test car to Alastair Cook

“The grin on his face as he drove it off my driveway made me insanely jealous. I’ll be hatching ways to steal it back over the next few weeks, I’ll just have to find somewhere to hide it.”

Finny on… his mum’s back seat driving

“It was a 40-minute commentary on my driving on the way home from The Oval about how she would have gone a different way, how she wouldn’t have turned off the motorway like that and how she would have reversed in to that spot rather than going straight in. Why is it mums become Jenson Button or Lewis Hamilton when they are sat on the back seat of your car?”

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