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Finny’s Diary

Having put Morne Morkel to the sword and survived a bout of Finals Day indigestion, our man on the inside jetted off to Sri Lanka for the World Twenty20. 

To read Finny’s Diary in full pick up a copy of the latest AOC, but in the meantime here’s a few choice cuts from this month’s mag.

Finny on… a t20 Finals Day feast

“It was a bloody long day and I ate three hog roasts, a few bags of skittles and drank plenty of coke so I was sufficiently riding the highs and lows of my dreadful diet all day. By the time I got back to the hotel I was a broken man.”

Finny on… mixing it with Morne

“Coming in at No.11 [at The Ageas Bowl ODI] lesser men would have backed away and been bowled by Morne Morkel. I did back away but managed to get bat on it, which made me look less of a coward. Every shot I played was applauded, all just adding to the argument that batting is more enjoyable than bowling. No one cheers when I bowl a dot ball. You mean bunch.”

Finny on… being hit in the unmentionables

“For those of you who have nuts, you know my pain. To those of you who don’t, imagine being kicked in the stomach from the inside by a leprechaun with steel-capped toes constantly for 20 minutes or so. Bet you’re glad you don’t have nuts.”

Finny on… Ravi’s reps

“On entering the gym Ravi piped up to our strength and conditioning coach Huw Bevan that he actually wanted to get a sweat on today (with tongue firmly in cheek). Huw isn’t the person to be poking fun at before a gym session… Ravi was seen leaving the gym 45 minutes later dripping with sweat, with his tail between his legs. Huw walked out behind him with a huge grin on his face.”

Finny on… premature baldness

“The decision was made to rest me [from the Trent Bridge ODI] before the World Twenty20 started. We lost the game and who knew how nerve-racking watching from the balcony was? Now I can see why the majority of coaches are bald or grey.”

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