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Finny’s Diary

It’s been a month of unpleasant bedfellows, union unrest and Irish gangsta rap for our Steven this month. 

To read Finny’s Diary in full pick up a copy of the latest AOC, but in the meantime here’s a few choice offerings from this month’s mag.

Finny on… an unwelcome bedfellow

“The county season is always hectic and you end up seeing plenty of motorways. Something I definitely didn’t want to see much of is Tim Murtagh’s nude backside, but that’s unfortunately not much of an option in a hotel room that forces its occupants to share what seems to be a tiny double bed.”

Finny on… the abolition of the Bowlers’ Union

“I bowled one on a length for Broady outside off stump only for him to swipe me through the covers for four. Next time I will be employing the tactic of three men back on the hook and sending everything at his head. If he wants to drive then he can drive his car.”

Finny on… crowd trouble

“Attended the Jay-Z and Kanye West concert at the 02. I am sure the person sat behind me had the hump by the end because I stood up, danced and sung for pretty much all of it.  Sorry about that, but you should just be taller – it’s not my fault!”

Finny on… Irish gangsta rap

“After the concert we bumped into Paul Stirling in a bar and I must sadly report he was wearing a cap as if he was from downtown New York and not an Irish guy living in a leafy suburb in London.”

Finny on… the golf course

“Golf with Eoin Morgan, William Porterfield and Dawid Malan today. Porterfield, who plays off 28, is one of the biggest bandits I’ve ever seen. Booming drives straight down the fairway after a mulligan off the first tee were the order of the day for him. I’ll be requesting Purdy plays off a lower handicap next time.”

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