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Top 50 Cricketers From Non-Test Playing Nations: No.47 Dwayne Leverock

The big bobby from Bermuda Dwayne Leverock is up next in our list of the top 50 cricketers from non-Test playing nations, compiled by our resident associate and affiliate expert, Tim Brooks.

This Bermudan policeman and part time slow left-armer is one of the
 best known players in the associate fold. In truth this is more to do 
with weight of body than weight of wickets. An image of him diving to snaffle 
a catch at first slip [below] was one of the enduring images of the 2007 World Cup.

Bermuda Cricketer Dwayne Leverock

But his girth has disguised his worth. It was largely his 
metronomic accuracy and ability to turn the ball that propelled the 
small commonwealth island to the global stage. Born in 1971 Leverock made a
 handful of appearances in his early twenties but was very much a late 
bloomer, only cementing a place in the side at his first major 
tournament, the 2001 ICC Trophy. Over the next seven years he became 
their go-to bowler. In the ICC Trophy he averaged under 20 runs per
 wicket but it was in the first-class Intercontinental Cup where he was
most effective, taking 71 wickets in a mere 15 matches.

Tall, with
 a chest on action, he was capable of long, disciplined spells, always
 asking questions of the batsmen. These attributes made him, for a
 time, the best left-arm spin bowler outside the Test world.

Tim Brooks is an expert on non-Test playing cricket nations and can be found @cricketatlas. To read the criteria and rationale behind his top 50, click here.

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