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Barmy Army: End Of Tour Blues

As England’s tour of Sri Lanka draws to a close, Becky Fairlie-Clarke already can’t wait for the next one. 

As we come to the end of the second and final Test, talk automatically starts of the next tour and the next time we’ll be back together again as a group.

Of course, there is the chance to come back to Sri Lanka in September for the World Twenty20. If it is anything like this tour it will be great fun once again, with a trip to Kandy included in the Super 8 schedule for England fans and the semi-finals and final will see the Barmy Army return to Colombo should Stuart Broad’s side make it that far.

One thing is for certain ­­– the Barmy Army will be there and in full voice, doing all they can to cheer England on as the look to retain the title they claimed in the Caribbean. Old Barmy favourite Colly will be missed of course, but Broady will be able to enjoy full vocal support (“He’s big, he’s bad… He’s better than his dad…Stuart Broad”).

The next away Test series is India and rumour has it that Eden Gardens in Kolkata is going to be included in the itinerary which has caused great excitement in the ranks. Our hope is that the BCCI announce the venues sooner rather than later so that travel plans can be made – but that isn’t likely. The more notice given about venues and dates, the more fans will travel. We already know it’s a four-Test series spread over several weeks and most people will need to make decisions as to when they travel based on the locations. We are looking forward to India – it’s provided some unforgettable memories for everyone who has been in the past.

Returning to the current series, we started the end of tour celebrations early last night with a party at the Golden Mile in Mount Lavinia. Again over a grand was raised for charity and both Chance to Shine and Their Future Together will be receiving half each. Thanks to everyone who gave their support. It’s fantastic how generous cricket fans are and it’s been great during the tour to make so many new friends.

Sri Lanka has, of course, been absolutely amazing and fingers and toes are crossed that England can tie the series and retain the No.1 ranking they fought so hard to earn ahead of a great summer of cricket.

Click here to read the thoughts of the Barmy Army’s musical maestro, Mr Billy ‘The Trumpet’ Cooper

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