Club Cricket Conference Fixture Bureau Ideal For Clubs In Need

Club Cricket Conference Fixture Bureau Ideal For Clubs In Need

In need of an opponent? The National Cricket Conference (NCC) fixture bureau might just sort you out.

What a disaster. You’ve bought the sandwiches, you’ve rolled the pitch, you’ve even put the stumps in… and then you hear that Cramton Village CC have pulled out. They’ve lost a few men to either food poisoning or Glastonbury (you weren’t really listening) so they’ve had to abandon the game.

You’re ready and the pitch is ready – Graham’s limbering up and at 63 it’s taken him so long to get warm that you don’t have the heart to tell him you no longer have a game.

Well, you needn’t panic. With the National Cricket Conference fixture bureau you’ll be able to find a replacement fixture at short notice. It won’t need to be a wasted sunny Saturday, you can replace Cramton Village CC with another club – also keen and eager to get a game on. As well as fixture-finding, the fixture bureau offers a ground share/hire service and a club/player introduction service. Its aim is to ensure that everything possible is done to maintain and sustain cub cricket in all its forms, at all levels of the amateur game.

National Cricket Conference (NCC) was established in 2014 by Club Cricket Conference, Midlands Club Cricket Conference and League Cricket Conference. It works to specifically support club cricket and the amateur game, providing a voice and representation for the club game within the governance of the sport.

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