Club Cricket Insurance: Choosing Your Cover #5

Club Cricket Insurance: Choosing Your Cover #5

ExtraCover is the official Club Insurance Scheme of the ECB, designed specifically for cricket clubs.

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This is a new, important cover that is often misunderstood. Directors and Officers Liability cover provides the officers and/or trustees of the club (ie the people who give up their time to run it!) with protection against civil or criminal lawsuits and regulatory proceedings.

Unfortunately, without this cover members are placing their entire personal assets at risk. The cover provides a pool of money that can be drawn on to fund defence and settlement costs and to pay for the costs of legal representation at any investigations.

It includes ‘Libel and Slander’. For example, this might be required if at a disciplinary hearing, which are regrettably becoming increasingly common these days, something slanderous is said at the meeting and action follows.

Make sure you cover yourselves and your clubmates.

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