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WIN! Newbery Tour Bat

This month’s quick quiz homes in on cricket captains. Answer as many as you can correctly for a chance to win the beautiful Newbery Tour bat (RRP £425), short handle. A classy blade indeed. 


  1. Who has captained England’s Test team on most occasions?
  2. Who was the first black man to become full-time captain of the West Indies?
  3. Who was captain during Andrew Strauss’ first Test match at Lord’s in 2004?
  4. Who holds the record for most Tests as both captain and wicketkeeper of their country?
  5. Which England captain once lost a remarkable 14 tosses in succession, the odds of which are 16, 384 to one?
  6. In how many Tests did Ian Chappell captain Australia?
  7. When Graham Gooch hit his 333 for England at Lord’s in 1990, who was captain of his Indian opponents?
  8. Which England captain famously dropped himself from the team during the 1974/75 tour of Australia?
  9. Who’s this England captain at the toss with Australia skipper Bill Lawry in 1971?
  10. The skippers of the World Cup in 1992. Who is the New Zealand captain on the left who sat out injured during his side’s fielding innings and watched John Wright lead the team to a semi-final defeat to eventual winners Pakistan?

Send in your answers to comps@alloutcricket.com with ‘Quick Quiz AOC 100’ in the subject line. Closing date February 13, 2013. Good luck!

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