5 Tips To Help You Stick With Your New Year Fitness Plans

5 Tips To Help You Stick With Your New Year Fitness Plans

Get in shape for the 2016 season.


Are you trying to shed some timber? If so, how much? What size/weight do you want to be and by when? Break it down into manageable mini-targets. If it’s more about strength, target a load or reps increase by a certain point in time and keep at it until you can increase again.


It’s always easier to get out on the roads or down to the gym if you feel like you look the business. Kit yourself out in some new rags to get your new plan off to a flier.


In the lexicon of the fitness professional, the key to “making gains” and “getting results” is “accountability”. Even if you’re not actually training with your mate, you can keep each other going by agreeing to train at the same time and regularly check in with each other’s progress. Some of the top sports tracker apps allow you to share your workouts with your mates instantaneously, too.

Bit of friendly competition?
Bit of friendly competition?


It’s all very well saying you’re going to treadmill-pound your way to a new body, but if you find it completely soul-sappingly boring then the chances are you aren’t going to stick at it for long. Find something more stimulating for your mind – full-body exercise circuits, an instructor-led class or playing a bit of squash. Some activity that you stick at is better than the ultimate activity that you give up on after a month.


Maybe you’ve been lusting after a new pair of spikes for the 2016 season, or even have your eye on a fresh piece of willow. Whether the goodies on your wish-list are cricket-related or not, they’re a good way of motivating yourself to stick at your activity. Just try to make them rewards that add to your efforts rather than undermine them. “I’ll buy myself the new stick when I’ve passed the 10k mark” is preferable to: “I’ve been to the gym for the third Wednesday running… that calls for a Domino’s. And yes, I will have a stuffed crust.”

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