New Season’s Nutrition Resolutions!

New Season’s Nutrition Resolutions!

It’s the old cliché: new year, new you. You’re still carrying a bit of winter weight and haven’t been running since PE at school. But you do think a change to your diet might be beneficial and could have you feeling fresher. Here’s Adam Hopkins with some easy-to-follow healthy eating and dietary tips that could give you the edge come the start of the season.


You don’t eat your five-a-day. In reality very few people do. You’re still trying to pass off beans on toast and apple cider as part of your fruit and veg intake. It’s unrealistic to expect to suddenly start eating five portions per day. Ease yourself in. Incorporate a banana into your breakfast and eat an apple as a snack at work instead of a chocolate bar or a bag of crisps. After all, fruit is nature’s candy…


The most important meal of the day. But you don’t eat it because you have to get to work or you’re just not hungry of a morning. This can be easily dealt with by keeping some breakfast cereal or a fruit bowl in the office. Breakfast can be something as simple as a slice of wholemeal toast or a banana.


“I only drink at weekends.” Yes you do, but you drink a week’s worth of booze on a Saturday night so it’s slightly counterproductive. Beers after training are the highlight of the week and pretty much the only reason you bother going. If you’re trying to lose a bit of timber but still fancy a tipple after nets, swap your pints for something like a gin and tonic or a vodka. Or – just an idea – something non-alcoholic! According to Drink Aware, a man who drinks five pints a week (260 a year) is taking in the same amount of calories as someone who eats 221 donuts a year. Running quick singles is a bit more difficult with a beer belly.



Batting is all about partnerships and so is healthy eating. Having someone on the same diet as you makes it so much easier. They can support you through it and are the perfect person to complain to when you’re fed up of spinach and craving a kebab.

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