Gear Test 2016: Best Bats

Gear Test 2016: Best Bats

The rundown of the best bats you can buy this year.

Our annual kit bonanza is complete and as ever at All Out Cricket we’ve done a thorough survey of all the best gear on the market for the season ahead. Here we present you with our results.

We’ve worked hard to make our test fairer and more impartial than ever. We use blank, unbranded, plain white-gripped bats, so no one knows which one’s which, and hand them all over to our testers: a combination of ex-England professionals (Mark Ramprakash, Ali Brown, Matthew Hoggard and Claire Taylor) and enthusiastic club players (Mike Adamson of Oxted & Limpsfield CC and Tom Gittings of Offham CC). They vary in size, experience and style, but are united in their passion for good bats.

Individual preference is massively significant in choosing your gear. What we provide is a good guide to the quality and style of product you can expect to receive if you take the plunge and buy one. That’s also why we tell you each tester’s individual choices to give you an idea what might suit your own requirements.


AOC Gear Test (CS) (165)-1

Testers have a good hit with each and every bat from a 40-strong field (all unbranded), giving them a score in three categories:

1) Look/first impressions (Look, shape, size, edges, grain) – mark out of five

2) Pick-up/feel (Feel, balance on first handling) – mark out of five

3) Performance (How well does it hit?) – mark out of 10.

All the scores of all the testers are added up and given a total out of 120 (six testers all marking out of 20). That’s then converted into a percentage (easier to digest) to produce the AOC Gear Test Rating.

We’ve also included full weight and size info, plus other vital stats and score breakdowns to keep you as informed as possible.

Here we present our top 20!