The Greatest Innings Of The Century

The Greatest Innings Of The Century

Revealed: the 20 best innings of this century.

We asked a 37-strong panel of experts to cast votes

The art of batsmanship has changed exponentially since the turn of the century, with batsmen now playing innings that we could barely have conceived of not so very long ago.

A player like David Warner – at one time considered a white-ball specialist who had little hope of pulling on the baggy green – is now regarded as a blueprint for what teams want from a Test match opener. Conversely, innings such as Alastair Cook’s monster at Abu Dhabi last year, or Faf du Plessis’ rearguard resilience at Adelaide in 2012, are somehow reaffirming; a reminder of why many of us fell in love with the game in the first place.

It is therefore perhaps harder than ever to define what makes a truly great Test match innings, but that is what we have asked our panel of leading cricket writers, historians and broadcasters to do – tell us which innings played so far in this century they regard as the very best of the lot.

There’s no exact science to this of course, and everyone has their own criteria for what elevates a very good innings to a knock for the ages, but therein lies the fun. Now it’s time to reveal the results.">About Us
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