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All Out Cricket Issue 95: The Style Issue – Out August 9

In the latest issue of AOC we talk exclusively to three of the game’s most supreme technicians in the form of Ian Bell, Hashim Amla and AB de Villiers about what it means to be stylish. In 116 pages of cricketing goodness we also have a drink with Blowers, Mike Atherton and Allan Donald take a look back over their wonderful careers and New Zealander Lou Vincent gives a frank, unswerving account of his battle with depression. All in all, it’s not one to miss. 

“I hope that when I retire people will say ‘He was great to watch’”
England’s most easy on the eye batsman Ian Bell talks to Ed Kemp about crafting a masterpiece

“England were simply shameful and justifiably destroyed”
There’s no holding back from columnist Colin Croft in his assessment of England’s defeat to South Africa at The Oval

“They say with mental health you need to look out for warning signs. Well, looking back, I can’t believe I missed this massive flashing light. After crashing back down to earth, I remember feeling embarrassed, alone with that out-of-body feeling, thinking to myself, ‘Is this really happening?’”
Lou Vincent gives a no holds barred account of living with depression in professional sport

“Like a landbound penguin, wobbling about on its own two webbed feet, as Amla was when asked to discuss the aesthetics of his craft, it is a picture of awkwardness. But, once plopped into water – or, in Amla’s case, installed at the crease – it is released to glide as gracefully as Grace Kelly on greased wheels”
South African cricket writer Telford Vice talks to a bemused Hashim Amla about style and panache 

“I’ve just been out and I have to tell you… I’m slightly p**sed”
Ed Kemp has a good old natter with tipsy TMS stalwart Henry Blofeld

“I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t intimidated but at the same time you’ve just got to get on with it, you can’t run away”
England under 19 starlet Daniel Bell-Drummond talks to us about his battle with Steyn and co ahead of the Under 19 World Cup

“Goughie emerged from nowhere and as I stood at the urinal, punched me straight in the mouth. Because of my state of inebriation I fell backwards. Problem was I had not stopped urinating, so there I was flat on my back with a fountain of wee spouting towards the ceiling”
Graeme Swann features in cricket’s Top 10 Handbags and Fisticuffs

“I’d never watched the opening ball of a day’s play from 50 metres up in the sky before”
The sky’s the limit for Jo Harman as he takes a trip behind the scenes at Sky Sports 

“Wasim throws his hands to the populated heavens and drops to his knees. Sanga picks him up, carrying the vanquished from the field on his shoulders”
Wasim Akram and Kumar Sangakkara do battle in AOC‘s Stylists’ World Cup 

“Like anybody, it would have been nice to score more hundreds, score more runs, play more matchwinning innings, play in more Test matches, play in more series victories, but I know that I did the best I could, I made the best of the cards I’d been dealt”
Mike Atherton tells Ed Kemp he has no regrets 

“It’s a game that is very tactical and strategic in the same way that politics is, and it requires a lot of patience. Also, it does cross political boundaries. I’ve even played in the same side as Ed Balls!”
Tory MP Matthew Hancock analyses the peculiar relationship between cricket and politics 

“I bowled one that jagged back and hit the top of off stump and I just remember that stump flying out of the ground. It means a lot to you when you knock over someone like Tendulkar”
Allan Donald describes taming the Little Master in a rundown of his career-defining moments 

The new issue of All Out Cricket is in shops from August 9. Click here to subscribe and save yourselves a walk to the shops

Photography: Dave Bagnall

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