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All Out Cricket Issue 97 – Out October 3

For the latest issue of AOC we asked Mark Butcher to step into the editor’s chair, and without hesitation the England and Surrey legend duly obliged. It’s another chock-a-block issue with Butch at the helm, featuring exclusive interviews with England’s new Test skipper Alastair Cook and his predecessor Andrew Strauss. 

For our top 10 stories of the season we sat down with Durham destroyer Graham Onions, Warwickshire’s Championship-winning captain Jim Troughton and England’s new kids on the block, Joe Root and Nick Compton. And with it being Butch’s issue, of course we couldn’t let it pass without chucking some music in there too. Former Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman does the honours. Here are a few snippets to whet the appetite…

“Straussy was a fantastic captain but I can’t try and copy him; you’ve got to be true to yourself”
England’s new Test skipper Alastair Cook tells Jo Harman he’ll be doing it his way

“In my confident state I said we should play Wonderwall, and when no one knew how to play it I took the guitar and started playing but it was tuned differently. Shah Rukh Khan just looked at me and went, ‘Hmmm’. So I passed it back and said, ‘Sorry everyone’. An epic fail!”
Isa Guha talks IPL parties over a drink with Phil Walker

“Graham only allows poached eggs on a Sunday”
The first instalment of Know Your Onions

“We have it in the music business; these cocky buggers who think they know it all. They act flash in stretch limousines, hang out in all the clubs and have all the choice birds, and then they’re gone. It’s the same thing, a spoilt attitude. It’s a shame because he’s a genius when he bats”
Bill Wyman tells Kevin Pietersen he can’t always get what he wants

“We are definitely trying to create a legacy here. Winning the Championship is one thing, it’s a different kettle of fish retaining it and challenging year after year”
Jim Troughton says Warwickshire are only just getting started

“Cricket, like life, has harsh lessons to teach. Stupidity is no defence in either”
Butch vents his spleen on the impracticalities of ‘The Spirit of Cricket’

Mark Butcher stepped into the AOC editor's chair this month
Mark Butcher stepped into the editor’s chair this month

“I just picked the ball up and had a shy at the stumps at the non-striker’s end, and for once I hit them, this time of all times!”
Graham Onions on denying himself a 10-fer

“I’ve heard high-profile England players say they’d rather do anything than come to Derby. Well, one or two of them are going to have to come here next summer”
Derbyshire chairman Chris Grant talks to John Stern about the county’s outstanding season

“Boxing Day at Melbourne will always go down as the best day’s cricket I’ve ever played. To bowl them out for 98 and then be 157-0 at stumps on the central day of the Australian cultural sporting calendar in front of 90,000 Aussies watching their side get battered, that was an incredible day”
Andrew Strauss talks Phil Walker through the stand-out moments from his incredible career

“I’ve done some intense training. I’ve faced bowling of 100mph from 16 yards and done some things that are slightly against the norm”
Somerset run-machine Nick Compton reveals the secrets behind his phenomenal season

“Players need to know how to cut and pull and be able to hit the ball square of the wicket off a shorter, faster bowler”
Learn from the best, as Graham Thorpe gives his tips on grooving your technique in our coaching section

“Take Mark Ramprakash – he’s an entire Tolstoy novel. Unfulfilled triumph, tragedy, then redemption. There’s wonderful heroism in not making it at the highest level and then the noble completion of those hundred hundreds and seemingly finding peace within himself”
Author Patrick Neate – a long-time hero of Butch’s – tells us why he’s a cricket fanatic

All Out Cricket issue 97

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