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Sign Up For A Great Value Subscription And A Customised Aytrek Helmet!

Get the best AOC subs offer available when you sign up with Custom Bats Forum.

If you sign up for free with Custom Bats Forum – an online haven to discuss all things cricket gear – you’ll get a unique AOC subscription offer. Not only will you get the best price available for an AOC subscription, thanks to the lovely people at long-term CBF sponsor Ayrtek, one lucky CBF member will run away with an award-winning ACIS Premier lid, complete with a titanium grille. The winner will also have a choice of three colours (red, green and blue) and can have their club crest and initials added on! That’s £132.99 worth of premier kit.

All you need to do – after you’ve signed up to CBF here is subscribe here (it’s a web-only offer), entering the code 3_AOCCBF. We’re offering a whacking 33 per cent discount off the cover price, so you’ll pay only £34 for 12 issues. As you check out you’ll be asked to provide your Custom Bats Forum username. When the offer closes on May 31, we’ll pull one name out of the hat and announce the winner on the forum.

Don’t forget that we’ve added 16 pages to AOC this year, including the new coaching section, and are doing more gear coverage than ever before. The latest issue includes an exclusive interview with Andy Flower.

AND, just so we don’t exclude anyone, if you’re already an AOC subscriber and a CBF member and want to get into the prize draw, just e-mail keir@alloutcricket.com and quote your CBF username and your AOC subscriber number.

Go to it!

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