Fit Gear This New Year

Fit Gear This New Year

New calendar, new slippers, same old resolutions. But how to stick to them? Here are some  goodies to help your 2016 fitness regime go the distance this pre-season.



The choice of fitness pros from LA to Llandudno, yurbuds offer top-drawer earphone technology at a variety of price points. The Inspire range is a good place to start on a sensible budget. Their sweat-proof design and twist-lock mechanism mean, at the very least, they should stay in your ear while you run, lift or thrust. Sized variously according to the scale of your lugs, there’s also a specific women’s range. The Inspire 300 models are perhaps the best value for money at £35, but you can drop to £25 for the 200s and only lose some of the track and volume control features.


Peak Sports Foam Roller

If you’re really going at your New Year regime, get ready for the DOMS. Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness can have even the strongest of athletes crying out for a walking stick the day or two after a big workout. Using a foam roller is a way of massaging the tortured muscles yourself, pressing the nobbly bits deep into the tissue and relieving those aches and pains in the process.

YOGA MAT, £19.99

Peak Sports Yoga Mat

An extra-thick, double-sided, long-lasting, non-slip yoga and exercise mat like this one is light enough to roll up and take with you to whatever classes you’ve signed yourself up for in 2016. You’ll be surprised what getting a bit of regular stretching in your life will do for your cricket-readiness and having a special mat for the job is a good reminder to get it done.

PROTEIN, £1.50-£25

AM Sport Protein

If you’re smashing out weights to get into Gayle-esque shape, you’ve got to fuel yourself accordingly. Protein – available naturally in meat and eggs – can help build muscle as part of your resistance programme. And these supplements – whey powder for mixing in shakes or cooking (£25 for 500g), or a specific extra-protein chocolate snack bar (£1.50) – can deliver the goods. And keep you full, too.

WHAT SKIN NEEDS, £12.99 for 75ml

What Skin Needs Cream

It’s cold out there, kids. If you’re getting into long-distance running as part of your newfound commitment to clean living, beware the threat of dry, damaged and cracked skin. What Skin Needs’ specialist creams contain a natural plant extract indigenous to Australia that does the anti-inflammatory business after a punishing outing.


Omni Sport Top

When heading out for cold-weather exercise you might prefer to wear your club’s training top or the replica shirt of your county side, but there are some good specialist brands offering exercise clothing with a couple of additional features. This running top offers warmth, comfort, reflective seams and thumb-hole extra-long cuffs to keep your hands and body toasty while you trek.

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