Review: Sunwise Equinox RM Sunglasses

Review: Sunwise Equinox RM Sunglasses

AOC lends its expert eye to the Sunwise Equinox.

It might not be very often that you need to buy sunglasses, and there’s one main reason for that: once you find a good pair, you don’t want to change them.

But while some internationally recognised brands’s wares come with lofty price tags, Sunwise offer British design at sensible prices. The Equinox sunglasses – reasonable at £37.99 – are a fine example.

There are a few features that mark them out. First: eye coverage. The wraparound style provides protection to the sides, while the lens is tall enough to cover the entire field of vision – with no off-putting gap of light at the bottom of the lenses. The only downside is there’ll be no excuse for dropped catches…

Next, clarity. The lenses on offer tick all the right boxes, offering 100 per cent protection against harmful UV rays. But they also offer pinpoint vision, with none of the distortion or cloudiness of lesser sunglasses. During a long stint in the field, eyes stay relaxed while seeing as well as ever. To help with that – they come with a range of interchangeable lenses – clear, light-enhancing yellow (for low light), orange (for medium light) and red platinum (for strong light), which are easily popped in and out and can be useful for those second-innings fielding efforts where the sun is low but parts of the ground are actually quite dark.

Finally, there’s comfort: the frames are tough enough to withstand water and impact, but they’re lightweight on the head, while the rubbery nose pads mean they stay put comfortably, too. Not only that, but the arms are designed to be flat – sleek enough to fit under the inside of a cap without causing annoyance. That’s a particularly useful detail.

In all: a comfortable and high-quality product at a great price.

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