Review: Sunwise Parade White Sunglasses

Review: Sunwise Parade White Sunglasses

All Out Cricket’s review of the Sunwise Parade White Sunglasses.

Frame colour: white frame, blue arms and white features
Lens type: Polafusion
Lens colour: Yellow Platinum
PRICE: £64.99 

British eyewear brand Sunwise are back in 2017 with a classic pair of wraparounds. The Polafusion range all feature polarised lenses designed to protect your eyes from damaging light, reducing glare and improving colour contrast. So how do they measure up?

Well, the lenses are excellent. Sun category 3, designed for strong light, is generally what you’re after for a sunny day of cricket, and that’s what these are. Although moving down to a category 2 lens can be good for days that are more about reducing glare than out-and-out sunshine, the category 3 shades are overall probably the more versatile. After all, if there isn’t strong light then you might not bother with sunnies at all.

All that said, the lenses are not too dark – vision with them is clear and crisp. No complaints there. Though these are very reasonably priced in the context of the market overall, they’re still not cheap – so you’d expect excellent clarity and that is delivered.

The yellow platinum is stylish without being too ‘out there’ and the tall but flat (so they slide in neatly under your cap) arms look smart. They’re described as ‘blue’ but are probably more of a grey up close. So if that upsets you then be warned.

All about that wraparound
All about that wraparound

The rubber nose-pads are flexible (meaning durable) and comfy but we do have a quibble. It is naturally dependant on the shape of your nose, but we found the glasses sat slightly too high up, meaning a gap at the bottom of your field of vision that’s not covered by the lenses. That issue can be problematic, particularly for close fielders when the ball is moving at speed without you having time to tilt your head.

Overall though, they’re a decent, well-made set of shades with high-quality lenses and strong durability.

We have a pair available to win here.

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