Shape Up For Summer With Sunwise

Shape Up For Summer With Sunwise

What does a cricketer need for the hottest parts of the year?

Breakout Red Sunglasses from Sunwise

British-designed Sunwise’s Breakout Red sunglasses are incredibly light, meaning they sit comfortably on the face, just doing their job.

The lenses – designed for strong light – offer 100 per cent protection against harmful UV rays, with coverage boosted by the popular wrap-around style.

As well as practicality – the flat arms slot neatly under a cap or helmet while rubber nose pads offer stability and comfort – the Breakout Reds are also compellingly stylish. Eye-catching shiny frames, coupled with ‘red platinum’ (reddy, goldy) lenses. Bold, certainly – but tastefully so.

A high-quality pair of sunnies offering a splash of colour. And, at £23.99, sensational value.

Win a pair here!

And What Else?

Suncream – an oldie but a goodie. And it doesn’t have to be your greasy thick white stuff – these days you can buy clear, non-greasy products that don’t run down your face, into your eyes or make you drop catches.

Caps – we like Gentlemen & Players for tradition and quality.

H2O – a really oldie and a really goodie, just ask Paul Nixon, who recently told AOC: “Water is enormous”.

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