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AOC Coaching Video: Rotating The Strike Against The Spinners

In the latest instalment of our coaching videos, Yorkshire and England Lions opening batsman and Pro Coach ambassador Joe Root shares his tips on how to successfully rotate the strike against the spinners. 

Roots Manoeuvres: Joe’s five-point plan to keeping the scoreboard ticking

    • Pick it. Use all the clues available to determine which way the ball is going to turn. Ask your partner, watch closely before your innings and watch the wrist action so that you can pick the variations and use the spin.
    • Play late. Make sure you don’t push your hands at the ball and try and play it underneath your eyes. This will allow you to adjust to any extra spin and avoid gloving a catch to any close fielders.
    • Quick footwork. Playing spin is all about quick footwork and quick reactions. If you see the ball is flighted try to use your feet, go down the track and hit straight. For a shorter ball get deep in your crease.
    • Break the wrists. Trying to roll or ‘break’ your wrists as late as possible goes hand in hand with playing the ball late. Attempt to almost break your wrists after hitting the ball so that you can manoeuvre the ball from its highest point down and into the gap.
    • Find the gaps. Hitting the gaps is how you’re going to get down the other end. If it’s spinning a lot then don’t be afraid to try and hit the fielders and use the spin off the bat to take the ball past them.


Video by jmbsportsmedia.com

Click here for Joe Root’s guide to seeing off the new ball

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