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AOC Coaching Video: Leg Spin Variations

No art in the game of cricket allows you to make an opponent look so helpless and stupid as leg spin. In this instalment of AOC‘s coaching series, Pro Coach ambassador and former Yorkshire leg spinner Mark Lawson helps guide us through the balls you need to bamboozle the batsman.

The Leggie’s Box Of Tricks:

  • ┬áTaking stock: as a leg spinner your main weapon will always be the leg spinning delivery – don’t get too excited by variations and the success you can bring. Don’t let it ruin your stock delivery and don’t overuse the variations.
  • Get a grip: the grip doesn’t really change – it’s the same for a seven-year-old right up to Shane Warne.
  • The googly: rotate your wrist a bit more than you would for a stock delivery – at the point of delivery the batsman should be able to see the back of your hand, rather than the palm. Aim it just outside off stump – any further to the off side and the variation becomes too obvious.
  • The top spinner: aim to spin the ball upwards – the batsman should see the side of your hand and the seam should come over straighter, more like a seam bowler. Don’t rotate as much as you would for the leg spinner – you don’t want this one to spin sideways, just bounce more.
  • The flipper: the most complex of the variations, and needs plenty of practice before taking it into a game. This is released from under the hand rather than over the top. Keep the same and flick the ball between finger and thumb to provide a lower trajectory and more pace.

Video by jmbsportsmedia.com

Click here to read Mark Lawson’s guide to fielding and throwing

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