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Gear On Test: Sets On Fire (Part 3)

Three top-end manufacturers each offering understated top-end lines of bats, pads and gloves. Andy Afford telling you how good they are as a set. It’s that simple. And that stylish. Here’s the third and final of our three offerings that would do any kitbag proud…

In General

Everyone knows that top-end players wear matching kit from the same manufacturer, but that’s rarely the case lower down the cricket scale. But, just for argument’s sake, what if you were to go a bit more upmarket? What if you were to go for the bat, gloves and pads – as the pros do – all from the same source? Which company would you be best advised to go for?

We went for three high-quality makers – all boasting a beautifully understated top-end range – in order to see if there is a set that’s genuinely top-drawer all-round and therefore worthy of buying complete. Following on from the Salix Pod Players set and the Millichamp & Hall Distinction set, here’s the Gunn & Moore Original LE set.

Gear On Test: Sets On Fire

Gunn & Moore Original LE

The Tech Spec
Price: SRP £390.00
Origin: England
Type: Gently pre-bowed through the toe, high swell, better than pro-quality craftsman made bat, two-tone wood grain face
Sizes Available: Super Short, Short, Long Handle, Long Blade (as special)
Livery: Embossed silver/black chevron stickers to face and rear
Model Size: Short Handle
Handle Make-Up: 12-piece cane, single rubber, slight oval shape
Grip: Light-pimple, control-style
Wood: Type A English willow
Manufacturer’s Weight Guide: 2lb 8z – 2lb 12oz
Actual Weight: 2lb 9 1/8oz
Edge Swell: 33mm
Spine Swell: 60mm
Toe Protection: Yes
Pre-Prepared: Yes
Finish: Clear plastic face
Web: www.gm-cricket.com

Gunn & Moore Original LE Pads
Price: SRP £130.00
Origin: India
Type: All-leather design with pin-tucked three-band knee roll, chevron decal centre panel, plus classic cane-style side panels and top flap with silver piping to pad top
Extras: Knee locator innards design for maximum knee protection

Gunn & Moore Original LE Gloves
Price: SRP £82.00
Origin: India
Type: Three-colour sweatband with heavily padded bottom hand and plastazote top coat, golf glove design palm

The Skinny

We like: Understated confidence of all finishes. Peerless build quality.
We dislike: Gloves were not as long in the finger as we’d like. It’s not cheap gear.
AOC says: The benchmark for others to aspire to. The protective wear protects and the bat is as good as is possible to make.

Star Rating

Build quality: 5/5
Consistency of design application: 5/5
Performance: 5/5
Value for money: 4/5
AOC rating: 5/5

Photography: Sam Bowles of Portrait Collective 

Click here to read part one of Sets On Fire. 

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