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Gear On Test: These Boots Are Made For Bowling (Part Four)

In the latest issue of All Out Cricket magazine – a fast bowling special – we put four of the market’s finest bowling boots through their paces (quite literally).

Quick men put their bodies through an ordeal every time they deliver the ball, and quite honestly their feet can take a bit of a pounding. It’s worth it for that moment when ball cannons into stump, but if you’re going to be hitting the pitch, twisting and following through at pace, you need footwear that’s up to the task. If you plan to make your way in the game as a bowler, we really recommend you invest some time in finding the shoes that best suit you.

To try and help you in your search, we have chosen top-end boots from four marquee brands with a reputation for producing quality, supportive footwear that can stand up to the rigours of a long spell and given them a comprehensive run out. Happily, we can report back that we very much liked what we found. Following hot on the heels of the adidas Twenty2yds Mid IV, theASICS Gel Speed Menace, and the Nike Air Zoom Yorker II, here’s the Puma Iridium Full Spike – Mid.


RRP: £89.99


Puma Iridium Bowling Boots

The Tech Spec

- Weight: 523g
- Dual density midsole technology for cushioning, motion control, foot stability and durability
- Lightweight, ventilated upper construction developed in conjunction with leading sports podiatrists

We Like

- The sleek, attractive design: fashion-wise they’re similar to the Nikes, they’ve just got a touch more of the 1970s bowler about them
- The top-notch support
- The surprising lightness

We Dislike

- The padding on the ankle cuff: it’s a little bit rigid
- The feeling that you’re feet are locked inside

Star Rating

Look: 4/5
Comfort: 4/5
Flexibility: 3/5
Support: 4/5
Value For Money: 5/5
AOC Rating: 4/5

Words: Ed Kemp & Sam Stow
Photography: Joe Provis

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