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Gear This Week: Clothing Time

Whether you’re looking for fully embroidered training gear for your whole club or simply something stylish to wear for yourself, there’s plenty out there for the fashion-conscious cricketer. These manufacturers will customise teamwear with your club crest, but there’s also the odd item to be worn away from the pitch, so take a look at what’s on offer and start planning your new stash for new season.

Pictured from left-right:

Romwear CTX Track Top, RRP £30

Teamwear specialists Romwear do a hefty range of clothing, including all coloured gear for the Lashings side. With bespoke designs available in a range of eight colour options, this is also the most obviously rain-proof effort of those on show here. The full zip makes it more of a jacket, too. Its matching shorts and trousers on are pictured on the bench below – this top is a good option to keep you warm in practice and dry on the boundary edge.

Surridge Alpha Rain Jacket RRP £35.95

One of two jackets on show that opt for a quarter – rather than full – zip, this one combines the feel of a rain jacket and the warmth of a training top really well, and with a sense of genuine quality: along with the GM it feels the softest on the outside. Surridge are one of the country’s leading teamwear providers, offering all the additional decoration thrown in at reasonable cost on a group order, too.

Hunts County Training Top, RRP £40

In five colour combinations and eight sizes, Hunts County have gone for the quarter zip on their training top, giving it a sense of the warm jumper as well as a jacket. Adjustable Velcro cuffs, a Velcro collar which releases a hood and large zip up pockets on either side make it practical as well as having perhaps the largest sections of secondary colour. A popular option.

Gunn & Moore Training Jacket, RRP £30

GM’s offering is another full zip affair, though softer in feel than the Romwear jacket – in fact, the softest on display. It is the lightest and thinnest though, and the only one of the four jackets without a hood (though they do produce a Kieron Pollard-esque wooly hat which might go down well). That said, it’s quality and looks great, particularly for those who prefer thin piping and a smaller, lighter collar. A good option to replace a sweater during training.

Mongoose Hoodie, RRP £50; T shirt, RRP £22; Flip flops, RRP £25

New for 2013 Mongoose have released a non-playing clothing range which could go down pretty well on the boundary’s edge during a batting innings or even in the bar afterwards. The hoodie and T shirts are light and slim fitting, and the logo actually suits casualwear pretty well; meaning they won’t look out of place in the wardrobe. The flip flops? Well, many of us turn up to games in them, and if not a fan yourself then they might make a nice welcome gift for your Aussie overseas player.

For information on group orders and bespoke designs contact the manufacturer direct.

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