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Gear This Week: Sock ‘N’ Roll

Ed Kemp looks at the Horizon Test Cricket Sock in Gear This Week.

Socks. Everyone wears them, but few people really care about them. Well now I’m here to tell you that as cricketers, you should. You should care about socks. It’s time for you to start giving a flying one about socks.

Some of you will already care deeply about them of course, and to you, bravo. But there will be some out there who pay only minimal attention to their choice of foot-huggers, even those – heaven forbid – who use a standard white sports sock rather than a specialised cricket sock in matches. To you we say come on, and get real.

Horizon have been making socks since 1999, ‘technical’ sports socks are their speciality. They even claim to have three core ‘sock values’: comfort, durability and performance. These are people who take socks seriously. Possibly too seriously (but of course there is no such thing as taking socks too seriously).

Their flagship cricket sock (yes) is the ‘Test’ sock, and it’s a belter. Having design and manufacturing that uses intelligence from a variety of sports can actually make a difference when it comes to sweat management, support and comfort. ‘Dense merino wool’ provides essential padding that you might not get from a standard pound-for-ten-pairs set of white ones. A substance called cordura prevents them wearing thin, while lycra holds them together throughout a season. The heel and toe – where most pressure is applied against the inside of your boot – are reinforced with extra padding to make them last longer, while there is a specially-crafted fine seam across the toe designed to reduce the risk of blisters and discomfort.

Buy a pair of these and they should get through a summer or more. And if it rains all year, they’ll make a comfortable alternative to slippers – perhaps they’d even make an unexpected stocking-filler this Christmas? In short, these are a high tech, high performing pair of socks for the high performing foot. And decent value too, at £12. You can’t put a price on science.

We grabbed a close look at this pair of toe-grippers at the cricket gear Trade Show at Lord’s recently, where brands launched their ranges for the 2013 season (yes, already). We’ll be showing you more of the latest releases in cricket equipment over the coming weeks and months.

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