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Gear This Week: Scientific Strokeplay

Ed Kemp takes a look at CRICTECH – a cricket equipment and coaching aid company based in the States that has developed a technology they say helps maximise a batsman’s performance. 

The key component to this piece of kit is very simple: a removable impact marker sheet applied to the face of your bat, which – when struck by the ball – shows up a dark mark on the point of impact. Take it in the nets, play a set of front foot drives, then use a separate face for a set of square cuts, and you can build up a set of sheets that prove that you – with your technique – hit the ball in a certain area of the blade.

This can be used as a simple coaching aid – allowing you to detect technical flaws (for example a preponderance of marks on the inside edge suggest a bottom hand dominance or a dodgy back lift) – or alternatively, and possibly excitingly for some of you, help inform your choice of bat.

If you like, you can just use the marker sheets for your own information. But if you send pictures of your front and back foot sheets back to CRICTECH’s techies, they’ll analyse the results and send you back an animated 3D model of what they think is the correct profile of cricket bat for your technique, along with a scale diagram of your ideal bat showing the optimum position for the sweet spot.

You can then use the information to inform your next choice of bat, or alternatively (as we did – just as an experiment you understand…) you can provide a few more details about your preferences (weight, handle shape and thickness, number of grains etc) and get a CRICTECH custom-designed bat, complete with your own signature stickering (flashy, we know, but it’s hard not to be taken in by seeing your own name printed on your own bat).

Check out issue 93 of AOC for your chance to win a custom-made by using the bespoke CRICHTECH technology, in all worth £320.

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