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Lord’s Trade Show: Kit Review

Andy Afford attended this year’s cricket industry trade show at Lord’s and picked out some of the best clobber to look out for next year.

ASICS Gel Advance 4

RRP £115
‘The lightest cricket shoe, ever’ is how these boots are described by ASICS. And they are. As always, the company’s super-lightweight trainer-disguised-as-a-cricket-shoe is bound to be a strong contender for honours at AOC’s 2012 Gear Test.

Adidas Evil Eye Half-Rim

RRP £170
As used by England. Top-quality German design and technology. Indestructible lenses, pop-off multi-position arms and nosepieces; these are the top of the heap when it come to eyewear, but come with a price tag to match. They also boast a detachable and washable sweat guard that clip onto the top of the frame. Clever design from one of the world’s most consistently innovative sports brands.

Horizon Oatmeal Socks

RRP from £12.99
Brilliant socks from a brilliant hosier. Horizon make foot furniture for everyone, from high street fashion houses to huge sports retailers. These are a must-buy for any self-regarding foot worshiper.

Ayrtek Premier Batting Helmet

RRP £79.99
Entry-level skid lid from the most technical makers in the marketplace. This differs from the top-of-the-range £200 offering in its constitution – it’s made of hi-impact plastic rather than carbon-fibre and Kevlar. It also boasts an ultra-light feel and ‘pump-to-fit’ airbag cushioning innards, and if you’re feeling flush you can upgrade the steel grille to a titanium number (although that brings the price up to £109.99). A brilliant addition to the range and a genuine contender for Gear Test honours in 2012.

Sunwise Cherwell Eyewear

RRP £26.95
Named after the Oxfordshire river, these snazzy sunnies are assembled in the UK and clock in at a vastly different price point to their big brand cousins. These are comfortably the best looking and performing sunglasses from Sunwise, a company whose products get better and better each season.

Mongoose Super Premium Holdall

RRP £70
Mongoose’s man on the stand told us: “It was simple really, we made the biggest and best bag we could for 70 quid.” And they have. Job done.

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