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Here at AOC we do our best to provide you with a smorgasbord of cricketing delights, but one of the many beautiful things about our favourite game is just how huge and all-encompassing it is.

This means that – try as we might – we can’t cover everything, but fortunately there are other brave souls out there doing there bit to inundate the Internet with good, leather-on-willow type stuff to read. When you get a free minute, we’d recommend you go and click the living heck out of these sites too. Tell ‘em we sent you; you never know, it might help.

The Old Batsman
Alternative Cricket
The Dugout
The Armchair Selector
Mark Butcher
The Chuck Fleetwood-Smiths
Cricket With Balls
Adam Hollioake
Media Gag
Thoughts from the Dustbin 


Bat Repairs
Play Cricket
Serious Cricket



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