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Hammer Time

All Out Cricket spoke to Jason Mellet, founder of Hammer Cricket, to find out about the Texas-based batmakers.

How long have you been around?

Hammer has been around since January 1 2012.

Where are you based?

Texas USA.

Who is the founder?

Me, Jason Mellet.

Why did you set up?

I run a small online cricket store and was looking for a new way to increase sales and increase profits. I had a few friends with their own brands and wanted to see if I could do it bigger and better.

What ranges do you have? Bats, softs, clothing etc.

Bats for 2013 are the Hel 156, Beserker ST, Beserker RS and the Vapen.

Plans for 2013?

Expand the brand into the UK market and bring out a line of softs, helmets etc.

Things that make you stand out?

Very loud decals, try to stand out from the crowd and only offer the very best product available, all bats are G1 or better.

What’s your brand ethos?

To be open and honest about where the gear is coming from and not to overcharge for sub-par products. We offer great quality gear from reputable sources that people don’t mind spending a few extra dollars on.

Do you have any sponsored players on your books?

Yes, we took on our first player a couple of months ago. We’ve got Davion Davidson from Grand Prairie cricket club USA, a recruit from Jamaica who will be in the USA team soon. We’ve also got Jignesh Desai, from Dallas County Cricket Club. He’s a former skipper of the USA national team, playing in a World Cup, against New Zealand. Both were in the top five batsmen at the recent DPL (Dallas Premier League) T20 tournament, which featured players like Merv Dillon and Ricardo Powell.

Where you want the brand to be in five years time?

I’d like to have some employees! Maybe selling 10,000-plus bats a year, in retail stores worldwide.

If you could have any player wearing your kit who would it be and why?

Richard Levi would be cool, or AB de Villiers. They’re aggressive players who are at the top of their game in T20, ODI and Test cricket.

For more information on Hammer Cricket go to www.cricketstoreonline.com

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